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At HomeCare by Dalgleish, we are passionate about preserving the fine quality of the homes we build.

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Prescheduled Maintenance

Depending on the desire of the homeowner, we will preschedule HomeCare visits twice per year or quarterly.

10-Point Check List

The 10-point checklist will be customized to fit the unique maintenance needs of each home.

Priority Scheduling

HomeCare customers receive priority scheduling of our experienced service technicians to address any home maintenance needs.

Architectural Details of the Klesse Residence designed by Michael G. Imber Architects of San Antonio and built by Dalgleish Construction Company of Austin, TX.

HomeCare by Dalgleish

Today, the homes that we build are complex, incorporate more sophisticated systems, and are owned by people that are busier than ever. Finding a solution for service and maintenance can be challenging. Most of our customers get to know our Service Technicians because they worked on their home throughout their building experience. Having service and maintenance performed by folks that you already know and trust takes a lot of the apprehension out of the maintenance process.

The most stressful part of home maintenance is the reactive nature of scheduling. This makes the process inefficient and scheduling less dependable. We developed the HomeCare program as a way to perform maintenance proactively. This has greatly simplified the process and made the cost more efficient. We enjoy taking care of Austin’s finest homes!

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What is HomeCare?

HomeCare is prescheduled maintenance. Depending on the desire of the homeowner, we will preschedule a HomeCare visit twice per year or quarterly. A HomeCare visit includes a comprehensive maintenance inspection based on our 10-point checklist and completion of the items that require service. During this visit our Service Technicians can address any other special requests such as “honey do” lists and small projects.

10-Point Checklist

This 10-point checklist can be customized to fit the desires of each HomeCare customer and the unique maintenance needs of the home.

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Change A/C filters. Clean condensation lines and adjust thermostat programming if necessary.

2. Safety / Security

Inspect and vacuum smoke alarms. Inspect fire extinguishers for proper charge.

3. Cabinets / Windows / Doors

Check cabinets, drawers, windows and doors; make adjustments as needed.

4. Electrical

Check all interior/exterior light bulbs and replace as necessary. Check GFI outlets and arc-fault breakers.

5. Caulking

Inspect/repair caulking at tub edges, shower base, and interior/exterior windows and home.

6. Appliances

Vacuum coils on appliances where necessary and clean out dryer vent.

7. Plumbing

Inspect commodes and faucets for water loss.

8. Painting

Minor paint touch ups.

9. Gutters / Roof

Remove debris from gutters and visually inspect gutters/roof for any signs of water damage.

10. Miscellaneous

Full property walkthrough to identify upcoming maintenance needs,  inspect for pests (if desired),  honey-do lists that are provided and planned for in advance.

11. Home Specific Items

Customized at the end of Construction for each home’s unique needs.

Why Choose HomeCare by Dalgleish?

2806 Stratford Drive for Dalgleish Construction Company
Paul Lamb Architects

Efficiency & Cost

Performing all of this work together minimizes and consolidates service calls which greatly increases efficiency and reduces cost.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance reduces the amount of corrective maintenance, which minimizes system failures and emergencies.

Priority Scheduling

We give priority scheduling to our HomeCare customers that preschedule a HomeCare visit at least once per year.

2806 Stratford Drive for Dalgleish Construction Company
Paul Lamb Architects

Additional Services

If desired, we can coordinate all of your home maintenance items including other third party services to perform their work during our prescheduled Home- Care visit. This consolidates the maintenance process and simplifies the homeowners experience.

  • “Honey-do Lists”, assemblies, installations, etc.
  • Aesthetic repairs such as drywall and paint
  • Window washing
  • Stone care (cleaning and sealing)
  • Insect treatment
  • Floor buffing and sealing
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Seasonal preparation
  • Labor assistance for special events
  • Make-ready’s for sale/rental of homes
  • Caretaker services while you are away
  • Small projects
  • Storm follow up inspections
  • Reactive service
  • Emergency Service: 24 hour digital pager
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